Home Reno: A Recap and The Reveal

I know it’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve written about our¬†Home Reno¬†project – an undertaking that we went through about a year ago. We actually have been moved back in for about 7 months now, and have been taking our time to settle in and getting to know the place again, and slowing […]

Home Reno: Progress Report

It’s been about a month and a half since my last home renovation progress report and what I’ve noticed is how time can simultaneously go SO QUICKLY and yet SO SLOWLY. I can’t believe how much can be built in a little more than a month. I cannot believe how quickly homes just….are built from […]

Home Renovation Progress Report

A few months ago, we embarked on a crazy journey to heavily renovate our home. The decision didn’t come lightly – we had considered moving, but I realized that I love my neighborhood too much. I wanted this to be my forever home. So here we are, about a month and a half into it, […]

Home Renovation: Progress Report

So we haven’t officially broken ground yet, but our home renovation project is in full swing over here. Along with our amazing designer Melissa Hon Tsai, we have been busy budgeting, sourcing and submitting plans to the city for approval. (Oh, so many city approvals.) So while there hasn’t been actual dust flying, there sure […]

Making Our House A Home

In the past few months, we’ve been going back and forth about our house and if we should move into a bigger one with more space, to accommodate our growing needs. With my business growing and my clutter taking over the house and Olive being a full blown grown kid, we all agreed that we […]

New Year Thoughts

Happy New Year! Did you guys go out to celebrate the coming of 2016? In true homebody, I’m-a-parent-i-need-sleep fashion, we ushered in the new year trying to keep our eyes open, watching a (terrible) movie at home. We almost didn’t make it to midnight; this holiday season has been pretty tiring, so we were more […]

Favorite Pins This Week

Totally obsessed with these spaces right now – I am loving how they have completely blank and white walls, and they depend on accessories to bring in fun and color. I love that concept because that means decor and thus the mood of your room is totally changeable, without having to go through some crazy […]

My Favorite Moments

  Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about my favorite moment of the day. A lot has changed since then – we’re both older (I’m just more worn out, really, hah) so the rhythm of our day is totally different. She’s now only on 1 nap a day, so our […]

My Baby Olive Juice Shop & Blog Break!

Hi guys! Just wanted to let you know that MBOJ Shop and Blog will be going on a little break while get our home renovations started! During this time you can still place orders in the store, but they will not be processed until the shop reopens July 11th – which means they will ship […]

The 100 Day Project & Photoshop Brush Download

A few weeks ago, I came across The 100 Day Project by The Great Discontent – it was a movement for creatives to commit to 100 days of creation. It wasn’t about a finished product, it was more about the goal, the process of trying to improve on something within yourself, or for us moms, […]