Introducing Owen Che

2016-08-31 09.31.39

Meet our son, Owen Che – born on August 27th, 2016 at 11.27am in the morning, at 39 weeks.

So far, being a mom of two has been pretty awesome – yeah sure, there are the rough nights of no sleep; my breasts are getting used to breastfeeding again, and the recovery from this pregnancy isn’t the prettiest. But, I am so happy to report that 2nd Time Motherhood (is that a phrase that’s used?) does come around much easier than First Time Motherhood…. I’m more relaxed, my heart is more open and ready to love, and I know my own limits now, and know when I need to ask for help. Thankfully, my mom is also here to be with us for a month, so that has been a big help to ease us into life as a family of four.

Olive has been an amazing older sister already. She hasn’t acted out one bit, and has been super excited to involve her baby brother in everything she does. I have to be really honest when I tell you that I really miss her, and have (ugly) cried several times about the fact that she isn’t my only child anymore. I feel immense guilt, but it’s also coupled with intense joy because of the new addition to our family. She might not have any trouble sharing me at this point, but I am having a lot of feelings about having to split my time between two kids. I wish I could be everything, to everyone, all at once.

I hope to be able to update soon, and to share a little bit about my birth story this time around. Thank you everyone for your sweet well wishes, and for following my family on this journey.

With Love,

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