Baby Number Two: Splurges


Hey, so remember when I was expecting my first child, and I basically bought EVERYTHING off the internet because I believed I needed it all to be a well prepared and good mother? Then realized somewhere along the way that I didn’t need half of that stuff, and tried to sell it online months later?

Well, determined not to make that same mistake again, I spent almost all of this pregnancy purchasing nothing. Absolutely nothing. Instead, I was purging, and purging a lot of old stuff – determined to get rid of the clutter that I didn’t need.

That is, until I looked up recently and took a look around.

Do you know how much new stuff has been invented in the 4 short years since my last pregnancy? SO MUCH NEW STUFF. And I mean, really – logically, I survived without them the first time, so how much do I really need this new stuff now, right? I get it. But some of these new fangled inventions are so good that I really can’t pass them up. So here I am again, at the intersection of “I Probably Don’t Need This” and “I Want This” ……. and here are my splurges for Baby Number Two.

Owlet Baby Care Monitor: Instead of buying a baby video monitor this time around, we are going to purchase this fancy thing instead – it’s a little sock that your babe wears around his/her foot when they are asleep and it monitors their blood flow and oxygen levels while they are sleeping (just like that clip that they put on your finger in the hospital) and it alerts you if anything is wrong. It keeps a watch on your childs vitals (like heart rate and oxygen levels) and sends all that info to your phone. Learn more about Owlet here.

Baby Bum Brush: Okay, full disclaimer here. I feel insane purchasing this, BUT have you read the reviews on this thing? THERE ARE NO BAD REVIEWS. It seems like someone has basically made a rubber spatula for putting diaper cream your kids’ butt, and not only are people loving it, but they are purchasing multiples for their home and diaper bags. You have to check this out here.

Kiinde Milk Storage System: This is the purchase I’m most excited about. I am really hoping this system works as well as some people say it does, because it might just be life changing. This entire system eliminates the transfer of pumped breastmilk into storage bags, and it also eliminates the need for bottles to be cleaned. You basically go from pump to bag, and bag to freezer, and freezer to feeding. Anyone who has ever experienced having to clean and sterilize multiple bottles, multiple times a day will tell you what a huge suckage of time it is (and a suckage of fun, I’ll tell you) so I’m really optimistic that this will change my whole life. Get your starter kit here.

So there you have it. I (sort of) caved and bought some new stuff.

But hey, every pregnant mom and new baby deserves to be celebrated…with stuff, right?

Hope you guys have been doing well!


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