The Only Pregnancy Outfit You’ll Need

I’m almost done with my 2nd trimester, can you believe it?

Well, my body can. I am feeling pretty large – which I hear it pretty normal for pregnancy 2. Everyday, there is a moment when I happen to accidentally drop something on the floor and I literally spend a full minute debating whether I should pick it up, or just leave it for Patrick to find later. Bending over is hard, people!

As this belly grows (and everything else, too) and the summer heat descends upon LA, I’m finding it harder and harder to dress comfortably, and fashionably. I’m trying to really embrace this bump instead of hiding it, but when it’s a million degrees out I honestly just want to wear a potato sack.

However, I recently purchased 2 dresses from Storq and I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively these past few months. If you’ve seen me around, i’m probably almost definitely wearing one of these outfits. And the best thing is that not only are they SUPER comfortable (they really are, it’s insane) but they are much more flattering than a potato sack, too. Quality wise, I’ve been pretty blasĂ© about the recommended care instructions (so lazy, you guys) and I’ve just been throwing them into the regular wash, and it hold up really well as well.

feature-span-WMASB-1600x700_3b974863-9d50-4815-8290-293a2f1db8d7 frontpage_carousel_3_image Tank-Dress-Hero-Gray_2048x2048

I’ve been able to dress them up or down too – I wore them with heels and red lips to date night, and with flats and a topknot to the farmers market. Honestly, having something this versatile for this short time in my life has really been awesome.

If you’re pregnant, and if you’re looking for a chic and comfortable way to get through this time – this is honestly the way to go.

Shop these dresses here:

  1. The Dress
  2. The Tank Dress in Black
  3. The Tank Dress in Grey



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