Hey guys!

I just got these photos back from my MBOJxMadewellPasadena event and I wanted to share them with you! I had an awesome time hosting a shopping and calligraphy party at Madewell in Pasadena, CA – and it was really great meeting so many of you! Thanks for coming out to say hello!7 3 4

The Raymond and 1886 provided refreshments – and they were so delicious. It was a real shame that I spent all of those 3 hours writing when all I really wanted to do was eat…………..but how professional would that have been, REALLY.6

We made gift tags for shoppers for their Christmas presents, and gave away hand lettered wrapping paper as well.5

Olive’s friend came to visit me too, and I taught her a little beginners modern calligraphy……….1

… but most importantly, Patrick was there. He was there the entire time, helping me greet people, helping me with my merchandise. I am so lucky for his support. As a woman who is building a business and is a SAHM at the same time, there can be times where it’s completely overwhelming. And I know I burn the candle at both ends. To have someone have my back is truly priceless.

And as always, thank you to Sadaf Murad Photography for capturing this event.



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