New Year Thoughts


Happy New Year!

Did you guys go out to celebrate the coming of 2016? In true homebody, I’m-a-parent-i-need-sleep fashion, we ushered in the new year trying to keep our eyes open, watching a (terrible) movie at home. We almost didn’t make it to midnight; this holiday season has been pretty tiring, so we were more than happy to just hit the hay.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty glad to see 2015 go – it’s been a crazy year full of ups and downs. We did an extensive home renovation (which we’re still trying to fully wrap up), moved twice, and my husband finally graduated from his almost 3 year EMBA program based in Germany. I launched MBOJ Shop and MBOJ Workshops this year as my calligraphy business started to pick up some traction. It’s been a really tough learning experience trying to juggle ambition and home life. Olive also turned three and started to go to school 5 days a week – which was a huge change in our daily routines. School has helped her blossom into a little threenager (good and bad, people! They always come as a pair. ) and she’s just become the little, sassiest lady. Learning how to parent a 3 year old has been quite interesting.

Okay, I’m tired again, just typing all that out.

I think the reason why this last year was so difficult for me is because there was so much change in such a short period of time – and i’m awful with change. I’m scared of it, and it makes me really anxious and uneasy, which makes the people around me uncomfortable, too. But I realize that that’s no way to live….thing will never stay static. I need to just find a better way to adapt quicker and to go with the flow.

Instead of giving myself a resolution for 2016, I’m just going to say that I’m going to try and relax and let life come at me. I really don’t know how to better phrase it – I’m just going to open my mind and heart and let change (and opportunities) come my way. I’m not going to force it, nor resist it. I’m just going to let things happen. I kind of want to see what happens when I don’t try and control every single thing in my life.

How about you? How was your year? Any hopes and dreams for the new year? I’d love to hear.

As always, I’m glad you’re here – thank you for reading.


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One thought on “New Year Thoughts

  1. piecescalligraphy

    Hi, Mama! Happy new year! I love that I know where to always “find” you. What a year you have had – it has been pure joy to watch you grow and conquer. This year, my hope is to make more connections with folks IN THE FLESH! That includes YOU and Baby O! The other part of that goal is finally taking the plunge and launching in-person workshops.


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