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It’s been about a month and a half since my last home renovation progress report and what I’ve noticed is how time can simultaneously go SO QUICKLY and yet SO SLOWLY. I can’t believe how much can be built in a little more than a month. I cannot believe how quickly homes just….are built from the ground up. I know that must sound completely silly to say, doesn’t it? And in the same breath, I’m frustrated at how long it’s taking for us to get back into our home. It seems like there is a never ending stream of little problems that crop up here and there that keep delaying full completion of the project. More on that later….

Our Master Bath is finally getting put together – the cabinets still need to be squared and put in, but we finally have a counter as well as our bath/shower situation handled. We wanted an entire wet area to be enclosed so we decided on a walk in bath/shower glass enclosure – which gave the space a feeling of being larger, since you could see right through it.

Master-Bath-Reno-Blog2 Master-Bath-Reno-Blog

The 2nd bathroom is the one that Olive uses (and any overnight guests). A bathtub that was easy for me to bath kids in was a key factor here – and somewhere Olive could sit down and wash her feet, as well. We found this beautiful aqua tile and used it to build out the bathroom wall.


I have to say though, my favorite room in this house has to be the kitchen. This room has also given us the biggest headache – between the cabinet install and the counter install, this was the toughest room to get right. Not design wise; we were pretty clear aboutĀ that from the start. But just the execution of the work on site was really difficult – dealing with an old house (with crooked walls) has it’s challenges.

Kitchen-Reno-Blog Kitchen-Reno-Blog2

I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to take for it to be livable, but we have planned to move in no later than this month. So wish us luck….we’re going to need it.




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