DIY Handlettered Gift Wrap


As most parents of school-aged kids will tell you, weekends are for two things: 1. Trying to convince your child to sleep in, and 2. Kids Birthday Parties.

Olive is lucky to have a group of friends she’s grown up with – so we have quite a few parties to attend through the year. We had another one this past weekend but while I had bought the present in time (Thanks, Amazon!) I unfortunately didn’t think about gift wrap. I had zero. How?

So I did what any lazy person would do – (truly, I’m not going to target at 9pm, it’s just not happening) …I made my own. I use a lot of kraft paper for wrapping my merchandise for shipping, so I had lots of that to spare. With that in mind, I decided to create a simple birthday gift wrap.


What You’ll Need:

– Kraft Paper (make sure you measure the item you’re wrapping first – nothing more annoying that not making ENOUGH paper for your gift)

– An inky brush pen. I used the Pentel Fude Brush Pen in Bold which has a great, saturated color when wet, dries matte, and lets brush strokes show through. Love this pen.

– Scotch tape for wrapping

– Ribbon for the finishing touch. (Or not)


Step 1:

Think about a phrase that you’d like to write out. I chose something simple and to the point, and easy to repeat. Take your kraft paper and turn it at an angle – start writing from one of the corners, and just keep writing in straight lines across until you get to the bottom of the page. I prefer the look of writing from one pointed corner of the paper down to the other, so when you wrap it the words don’t go straight across the package; but that is just personal preference.

Step 2:

WAIT FOR IT TO DRY. I cannot stress how much you need to remember to do this….because I got impatient and didn’t do this, and smudged the wrapping paper onto the present. Twas fun.


Step 3:

Wrap it up. The present, and the project. You’re done!


Hope you enjoyed this! Now go out and crush all those birthday parties like you mean it!



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