MBOJ Workshops at The Assembly Cafe

MBOJTHEASSEMBLY1I wanted to share some truly, stunning images that Michelle of Mishina Photo was able to capture of the MBOJ Beginner Workshops at The Assembly Cafe in West Hollywood, California, which happened a couple of weeks back.

The Assembly is such a clean, bright space that was the perfect spot for our intimate class. I have to be honest, it’s sometimes difficult to balance the number of students I want to have in each workshop – while it’s more efficient to have a large classroom to teach, I find that if I limit the number of students who attend each workshop, I am able to have more one on one time with each person, which makes me a better teacher, and hopefully makes learning more fun for them.

This stunning floral installation was spearheaded by Emblem Flowers – who without a doubt nailed it. I have never had an easier or more inspiring time working with a florist…..she truly goes above and beyond. One wall was decorated with lush greenery and my favorite bougainvillea, while the other was draped with bittersweet vines. How gorgeous are they?


My students were kind of the best…I’m not going to lie, this group was fun and chatty, and I had such a blast working with them. They all kind of made friends with each other too, which to me, is the best thing ever. I’ve always found that the Calligraphy community is really helpful and welcoming, so I’m really glad to be able to foster that spirit in my workshops, too.

Treats were provided by The Larder Baking Company and I probably ate about 1/3 of those mini chocolate croissants.MBOJTHEASSEMBLY4

I had so much fun you guys! Thank you so much to all my students and girl bosses who collaborated with me on this event – I can’t wait for my next one at The Showroom Pasadena!

Photos: Mishina Photo

Florals: Emblem Flowers

Space: The Assembly Cafe

Food: The Larder Baking Company




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