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A few of you who have been following my blog for a while know that my husband travels for work quite a bit – specifically because he’s been doing an international EMBA program as well as working full time for the past 2.5 years. This past month, he was gone for a whopping 21 days total. He finally got back on Saturday, and it was by far the longest stretch he’s ever been gone for. We missed him so, so much. 

This past weekend was spent just us as our unit, reconnecting and spending time with each other. It was perfect, because Olive was just so excited to be with her dad again. And, Patrick was so excited to be with her that he took her for a huge surprise…..she got to meet her favorite Disney Princesses at Disneyland!


I remember when I started this blog, I used to (no-so-secretly) be upset when he left . I thought of it being a time that he had “to himself”. I remember focusing so much on how difficult Motherhood is, that I never really thought to wonder if this new Fatherhood was challenging for him, as well. While my world was newly consumed with just-being-mom, I never considered that he needed to learn how to balance his work, and his home life, too.

I’m not really sure I have a point to this post, like I usually do. I just wanted to take this time to publicly acknowledge all the dads out there. The dads who work hard during the day, then come home and are present with their families. The dads who are tired, but still show up and are awesome husbands and fathers. Thank you for being so great.



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