Happy Feet




So, before I had a baby, I was all about the shoes. For myself, particularly – I mostly wore only heels. I worked in the apparel industry, and I had this thing where I felt like heels made me respected. I felt powerful in them, I felt strong. However, nowadays when I put on heels, I mainly just feel like I have early onset arthritis. I’m not sure how Victoria Beckham does it – I’m going to say this once and for all – there is no way you can run after a toddler in heels. No. It just doesn’t work.

So, while I now wear only (cute) flats, I put all of my shoe buying energy into Olive. Much to the chagrin of my wallet, since you know, kids feet grow like weeds. But that isn’t going to stop me, no sir – we must go forth and purchase more shoes.

So, here is my round up for current cute-shoes-around-the-web…and I’ve thrown in a pair for me, just you know…because, shoes.


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