Pretty Smart Storage


In light of us moving back into our newly remodeled home come November (fingers crossed, guys, really), I’ve started to consider new ways to store Olive’s toys in an attractive, design forward manner. I’m not the best at organization (sorry, husband) and kids toys have SO MANY little parts and bits and bobs. To be honest, I really just need place to shove them all into so they are out of sight.

Wait, no, I mean I’m going to meticulously place them in their proper place, and make sure they are neat and tidy. (ahem).

Ok, whichever route you decide to go, here are a few options for you. I’m really liking basket three in particular (so small parts don’t fall through), and I love that number five is both affordable and compartmentalized, so you can either use it as open shelving, or stick little fabric bins in there for more hidden storage.

What are your favorite storage options? I’m all ears, I’ll consider everything… long as they are pretty.

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