Favorite Pins and Links This Week


I’ve been working closely with the amazing Charmain of Emblem Flowers lately to come up with some florals for my upcoming workshop at Luxtots; and I’ve been swooning over these greens I’ve been finding on Pinterest.

My aesthetic has always been on the more colorful side (as you can see from the blog here), but I really tend to veer on the fresher and cleaner side when it comes to florals, I’m not sure why. I’m particularly loving succulents and those beautiful silver dollar eucalyptus leaves…I think they are gorgeous.

Here are a few of my favorite links this week:

I’m kind of on the fence about this concept – this couple says that living in separate spaces has saved their marriage. I can totally see how this would work, though…if you had the budget, would you give this a go?

This amazing designer has created a clothing collection that you can print in your own home, using only a 3D printer. I mean, how crazy is that?

Totally want to see this movie – doesn’t it just look heart wrenching?

Have a great weekend!


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