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Okay, so for the past couple of months, my skin has been the absolute worst. 

And I know why – it’s been a stressful time here at home, with calligraphy workshops, renovations, moving, coupled with my the-sky-is-falling mentality….well, lets just say it’s all showing on my skin. Specifically, it’s been protesting in the form of adult cystic acne.

It’s as pretty as it sounds, but you know, I’m just trying to be real.

I’ve battled with cystic acne on and off for most of my life; but hadn’t really found anything that I could buy over-the-counter to make it better; usually it just dries up the surface, and the bump below still hangs around for like, a month. But after finding this little gem (after reading this article on Marie Claire) I had to give it a try.

And you know what, it kind of works. It doesn’t get rid of it immediately, but it really makes a difference in the healing time. The cystic acne is smaller and less painful in just a few days (where this usually takes more than a week), and the under-the-skin bumps that usually remain at the end are mostly gone.

For those of you who are lucky enough to NOT have adult acne……this might not be a big deal, but for the ladies who know what I’m talking about….this product. Get it, now.




4 thoughts on “Currently Totally Obsessed With…

    1. Jody Post author

      For the MASSIVE ones, I seriously still have to go to a dermatologist and get a cortisone shot in it still. Like, it’s insane; having an injection on your face. But it’s gone in 24 ours. So….you know.

  1. beatrice

    Thank you for sharing! I’m having this really bad cystic acne now. :( Using benzoyl peroxide but does not help at all. I will definitely try this product you recommended. :)

    1. Jody Post author

      Hey Beatrice! I hope it helps! I find that for the MASSIVE ones, I still do need to get a cortisone shot from the derm, but this has helped a lot! Benzoyl Peroxide has NEVER worked for me, but a sulphur based facewash has!


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