It’s A Staycation!


A few weeks ago, we had to move out of our temporary condo for a few days because the tub was being reglazed.

I am not going to lie, I was pretty pissed. We had just spent a whole week moving into the condo from our home, just to have to vacate again a week later. Not only that, but Patrick was going to be out of town for work during that time too. So yeah, I was more than a little annoyed.

But when I was done fuming, I realized that it was a great opportunity for Olive and I to have a little mama-daughter staycation. We had been so stressed out for so long with this remodel (and to be honest, I was also feeling a little guilty for packing and moving so much and not hanging out enough with her) that I decided that to make the best of it – we were going to check into a local hotel and spend all day at the pool. We were going to have breakfast in bed. We were going to snuggle and fall asleep together on the same bed. We were going to have a blast.

And ohmygod, we really did. It was kind of like going away with your best girlfriend, but better. And because Olive goes to bed early (and we obviously were sharing a room), it forced me to sleep early too. That night, I slept for 10 solid hours. It was the best feeling in the world.

Here are a couple of things we brought on our Staycation – seriously, that swim float is probably the best invention there ever was. It has an additional float panel that supports the chest, so they get a lot more buoyancy in the water. Olive wouldn’t take it off, and it gave her such confidence to be able to swim around independently. If you’re interested, a video of that, here. (Note: she’s really never gotten swim lessons, I really slacked on that. But seriously, look how awesome she is with that float!)

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