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I know it’s only July, but I’ve already started looking at things for Olive’s 3rd birthday (her birthday is in November. I know, I’m nuts). The hope is that our home will be ready for move in before then so we can have a birthday-slash-housewarming party in one! I know, I know, construction never goes according to schedule, but I’m crossing my fingers for the best!

These pretty cake toppers were floating around Pinterest and I just can’t handle how cute they are. Are you seeing these mini balloons?

Find these pins here, here, here and here.

Favorite Links This Week:

There are a couple of videos this week that made me laugh out loud. This one by the super cute Joseph Gordon Levitt is a song about the M.I.L.F – and ohmygod I fell out of my chair! This other one is a tongue in cheek music video about “Dad Life” …how do you feel about this one, do you think the dads in your life can relate?

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5 thoughts on “Favorite Pins and Links This Week

  1. Jennifer Kim

    My baby’s 2nd birthday is in December… and we’re waiting for our new home to be renovated so that we can move in by December! LoL but our place hasn’t even started being renovated :( I was hoping to move in at least in time for her birthday… ok sorry for the long post. My question is… I was going to wait to start planning my daughter’s birthday so I know what she’s kind of into by then… how did you decide your daughter’s 2nd bday??

    1. Jody Post author

      Haha we are in the same boat, almost! To be honest, i kind of just planned her 2nd birthday according to what I wanted. I figured when she is 2, it’s kind of the LAST CHANCE i really have to plan a party for her for pure aesthetics versus her preference, haha! I just had a few of her favorite activities (bounce house) and favorite foods at the party! She had a blast!


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