We Survived Potty Training

WE-SURVIVED-POTTYTRAININGI finally got around to doing something that I’ve been avoiding for a long, long time now. I finally got around to potty training Olive this weekend!

We had tried before (to no avail) – I’m not sure if it was because I was inconsistent with it, or that I found the process so tiring (read: I was too lazy) that we hadn’t had successes before. Olive ended up having potty phobia for a while, so I just kind of shelved the whole thing.

But you know – Olive’s almost 3. She also needs to be potty trained for the fall session of school. So the time had come. It had to be now.

We decided on doing a modified version of the 3 Day Potty Training Method, which claims to have your child using the potty within 3 days. The book tells you that you need to lock yourself in your home for this period of time, and completely rid your home of diapers – and your child goes cold turkey into underwear from Day 1. This includes nap time and bedtime……which okay, let’s face it, that’s just crazy scary to me. So, we cheated, we let Olive sleep in her pull ups for all sleep times….and you know what guys? It WORKS.

This method works.

It is insane to even think that it works, but it does.

I’m not going to lie to you, Day 1 was ugly. It was so bad, that by the end of it I wanted to throw in the (urine soaked) towels. I spent every waking moment cleaning or shuttling Olive to the potty. While Day 1 really made me reconsider this whole method, this day is essential. This is when the toddler learns what it means to “need to go” – before this, they’ve never felt a sense of urgency to relieve themselves since they always just go, whenever, in their diaper. This is the day they develop awareness of bladder control (or lack thereof.) This also means that every 30 minutes or so, they will pee all over their underwear. All over you. All over your floor. And they will be upset and scared. Olive told me so many times that she really wanted her diaper back. She would cry every time she wet herself, and cry harder every time she was made to sit on the potty.

It gets better though – by Day 2, she only had 1 accident in the house and started to understand her body’s cues for needing to relieve herself. She was in a better mood too, since she also started to feel like a “big kid” with all her successes. Today, I’m sitting here typing this at the end of Day 3….where we had no accidents, and Olive is independently walking herself to the potty whenever she feels the need. She doesn’t need me to ask her if she needs to go, she just…..gets up, goes to the potty, wipes, and flushes. All by herself.

I know that I’m not totally out of the woods yet – she’s still getting used to her new found bladder control, and we haven’t really pushed the limits of that yet, either – so of course there are going to be some accidents along the way. But I am so proud of Olive for mastering this in such a short period of time – it still kind of blows my mind.

If you’re interested in Potty Training with the 3 Day Potty Method, here are a couple of tips for you:

1 | Sleep early the night before. You will be tired, oh so tired, from Days 1 and 2. You really need to be on your A Game – you have to be patient, optimistic and positive.

2 | Go to the grocery store and stock up on fluids for the toddler, and easy meals for the family. You literally cannot take your eye off your toddler on Days 1 and 2, so cooking is almost impossible. Plan ahead.


4 | You’re probably going to need like at least 20 pairs of underwear to do this method, and you’re going to need to do a lot of laundry, so get caught up on that pile sitting on the floor before you start.

5 | You’re gong to be stuck indoors for 3 days – get some new toys and new activities and settle in for the long haul.

Have you guys tried this method? What did you think? Or did you go with a longer, more drawn out method? I really want to hear all about it!

**I do want to add that while the 3 Day Potty Training Method says to not use diapers ever again even for sleep, while I’m only on Day 3 – I have found that her being in diapers for nap and nighttime hasn’t affected her grasping the concept of potty training – every child is different though!



3 thoughts on “We Survived Potty Training

  1. Lora

    First time comment, but long time reader! I’ve heard about this method and have been to scared to pull the trigger- even tho I know it’s shown to be the most effective. I’ve totally been putting it off because it makes me twitchy to think of all the messes that will happen on my floor and I have a bit of OCD when it comes to clean floors- haha.

    Glad that it worked out for you guys and gives me hope for us in the future! :)

    1. Jody Post author

      Hi Lora!!

      Thanks for saying hi!! I was playing around with doing this method for so so long – but Olive’s school requires her to be potty trained in the next few weeks to start summer camp, so we had to do it since we were on a time crunch! And seriously, I still can’t believe it works! We are on day 5 now, and she’s been a champ – we haven’t had an accident since Day 2! Honestly, go for it! You can do it!

  2. Terry

    Stumbled upon your blog today…. Fun ! When my kids were little ( my youngest is 27) I did this exact method to potty train my kiddos … It worked and we didn’t have pull ups then ! Now I’ve encouraged my daughters to do the same with their little ones ! Thank you for sharing ! Cute name for your little girl !


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