Favorite Pins & Links This Week



It’s Friday!

Ok, so technically these aren’t images I found on Pinterest.  While i’m SURE you can find these images on Pinterest (since they are so completely gorgeous), these are actually a few local artists and makers that I’ve been kind of in love with, lately.

I found all of them through Instagram, and have been following them for at least a few months now, and I am in awe of their talent and their dedication to their craft. I don’t know, I kind of feel like when you purchase something from a maker or small business like them, you really are getting something that they’ve put their hands on and shaped. It’s not like buying something from a big box store. It has…..heart. A little more love was put into it.

And the result? Is beautiful.

01: Felt Foliage by Golden Afternoon Made | 02: Print of Watercolor Art by Olive Twig Studio | 03: Leather Goods by Matine | 04: Hand Drawn Art by Katy Ann Gilmore

And here are a couple of my favorite links this week:

This is awesome – Michelle Poler decided that she was tired of living in fear: so she started the 100 Days Without Fear Project, where she faces one of her fears every.single.day for 100 straight days, and records it for us to watch. I mean……….I’m not sure I could ever do that (anxiety attack, anyone?) but you really have to see how to tackles this. i LOVE this.

This beautiful church is made from living trees….and the result is gorgeous.

An encouraging, positive piece about the “Millennial Mom” and who she is…do you agree?

Have a great weekend!

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