32 Month Old Favorites


Come and gone are the days where Olive is willing to just play on her own. I mean, she does – but it’s rare. Instead, she’s in this new stage where she likes us to “solve puzzles” together. She particularly loves this Picture Word Bingo set (her first board game!) that she plays with both Patrick and I; i still find it incredible that she understands to wait her turn, and the concept of when BINGO! happens. I have a feeling this will be the first of many, many board game nights at our house…..

Here are a couple of her other favorites right now that totally keep her occupied……well, with me helping along.

One: Melissa and Doug Wooden Puzzle Set: This set comes with 5 double sided boards that you arrange pieces the matching shapes on. While it might seem like this game is limited play, I found this on Pinterest which shows you other ways to utilize these colored pieces! Score!

Three: Olive has been obsessed with this little character, Red Knit Cap Girl, and her imaginative adventures that she goes on with all of her animal friends. Beautifully illustrated and whimsical, I’m sure your little one will love this, too.

Four: This matching sticker book has been a godsend at restaurants – she spends her time waiting for food playing with this book instead; putting stickers in their right place. I really like this book because not only is it compact, but it groups the stickers into lesson categories (like colors, shapes, activities, etc etc).

Hope you’re having a great day!



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