Favorite Pins (And Links!) This Week



I haven’t done one of these in a long long while; but to be honest, I’m never sure why I stopped. I spend so much time on Pinterest feasting on all this eye candy! This week, pretty much was pinning things in shades of pink. But whats even more attractive to me is pink used sparingly so that it’s not overwhelming nor is it overly feminine, either.

And here are a couple of links that I’ve been super into this week, as well. Happy Reading!

Did you know that I was born and raised in Singapore? One of the things I miss the most about Singapore is the amazing food – here is a video of a few Americans trying Singaporean dishes for the first time. 

My best friend sent me this mushy little cartoon and I kind of love it

Have you tried this before? This is a program that helps you create a distraction free environment (on your laptop, at least) to help encourage you to write. Along with beautiful sounds and colors, this might be one of my favorite things right now. (Thanks Michelle!)

I’ve always been kind of a worrywart – this article teaches you how to recognize your anxiety and approach it from a different place.

This is so great – finally, our kids have a fairy tale that represents the whole spectrum of human love – Hulu just debuted this short cartoon that has an alternate LGBT ending. Check it out here.

I cannot wait for this new music app for kids to hit the market next week – Olive is super into music, and this little music making program is just right for this little bug.

And …THIS – Wendy’s Lookbook featured us in her May Favorites video – I love her message about how she wears our Warrior Tattoo. Thank you, Wendy!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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