On Promoting Peace & Arguing In Front of Your Kids



Do you argue in front of your kids?

Patrick and I don’t really argue too much – but let’s be honest, there are some times when we are just impatient and short with each other. It’s marriage, it’s real life. It happens. When Olive was an infant, I somehow thought that never letting her see us angry at each other, or never letting her see us fight was the right thing to do. So if I was ever annoyed and raring to fight, I would sweep it under the rug and wait for a later time to talk about it. But “later” was always put off; we were either too tired, or too busy to reconnect, and things would pile up, and bubble over.

Seriously, this can’t be healthy.

I recently have started to believe instead of pretending that everything is okay, we should actually argue nicely in front of Olive, as and when we need to. I think that if my husband and I can show Olive how to effectively communicate (argue) with each other, hopefully she will learn that healthy relationships take work, and that there is a correct and respectful way to argue with someone you love. Healthy relationships take communication – and this is a lesson I want Olive to know well. On a side note, this probably will help Patrick and I think a little more before speaking in anger, as well.

What are your thoughts? Do you guys argue in front of your kids? Why or why not? I’d love to hear.


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One thought on “On Promoting Peace & Arguing In Front of Your Kids

  1. elaine

    I think it’s healthy to argue in front of kids as long as it’s productive and you figure out how to compromise, reach a solution together, apologize and respect each other. I think it’s even healthy to let out big emotions because they’re real and normal and we don’t need to be nice about it all the time. but we probably don’t need to teach toddlers about big emotions, that’s already their speciality haha. But I guess there’s a time/place for it, but I want my child to know she’s entitled to her feelings and it’s ok when she’s upset and she wants to cry, release it etc. <3


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