Home Renovation: Progress Report

So we haven’t officially broken ground yet, but our home renovation project is in full swing over here. Along with our amazing designer Melissa Hon Tsai, we have been busy budgeting, sourcing and submitting plans to the city for approval. (Oh, so many city approvals.) So while there hasn’t been actual dust flying, there sure has been some stress, already.

We’ve pretty much narrowed down most of it – we know for sure what the look and feel of our home is going to be, and we’ve purchased a lot of the raw materials already. I’m really looking forward to how it’s going to look!  I thought I’d share a few of the rooms with you here:
The-KitchenThe-BathroomFor those of you considering heading into your own house renovations, here is what I’ve learned so far:

A. You’re going to learn very quickly what your strengths and weaknesses are, especially if you’re doing this with your partner. While I’m more of a big picture person, Patrick is definitely a very, very detail oriented person. Instead of bickering over this, use these traits to your advantage – I’m the main design guy, and he’s the main math guy. Trust each other. Consult with each other, but all in all, trust each other.

B. Spreadsheets (specifically Google Documents) are your friend. Keeping track of materials purchased, materials backordered, and cost is way easier when you keep it digitally stored, and shared with your partner and designer.

C. Go Shopping. Go out and see things, touch things, get your fingers on things. You’ll be surprised that while so many things are pretty, they might not feel so great, and that will change how much you want that around you in your home.

D. Don’t fall in love with $200sq/ft tile. It does not love you back.






5 thoughts on “Home Renovation: Progress Report

  1. elaine

    OMG it’s going to be SO SO SO SO beautiful. I agree, above all TRUST each other. It’s amazing how far you can go as a team. p.s. bathtub = insane.

    1. Jody Post author

      Thank you!!! Yeah, i’m pretty excited. I mean, I wish that materials were cheaper, but other than that it’s been a really great experience! AND YES BLACK CLAWFOOT TUB FTW

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