Totally Geeking Out: Tech for Mama


I wouldn’t really call myself super techy, but I do appreciate a gadget that tries to make my life easier. And if said gadget is also non-ugly (read: colorful and feminine) I am all into it.  These are the coolest little gadgets that I’ve discovered that I’m super keen on trying out – I might or might not have bought a few of them, already (sorry, credit card.)

One: The FluxMob Blot is kind of awesome – not only is it a wall charger for when you’re at home, but if you keep it in your purse, this handy device is also a portable charger for your device when you’re on the go. It is the smallest backup charger and wall device combined. And in that pretty color? Um, yes.

Two: These Cord Tacos are super handy for keeping your purse neat, especially if you’ve got headphones, earbuds, and USB cables floating around like I do. And made in leather, these are pretty and practical. Pretty Practical. See what I did there?

Three: This Ringly ring and accompanying app is EVERYTHING. This is a super cute cocktail ring that allows you to keep your phone in your purse, and you’ll get your phone notifications via tiny vibrations. You can control which notifications you get and from who, too. Crafted with an 18K matte gold 3 micron plated setting and precious and semi-precious stones, too. Fancy.

Four: This one is a game changer right here – The Mighty Purse is a purse and phone charger IN ONE. It is made of genuine leather and is compatible with many devices, and has a credit card pouch and coin zipper. And it comes in about a bazillion colors. I know about five people off the top of my head who need this badly. Myself included.




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