Mothers Day 2015: Some Thoughts


We’re here at another Mother’s Day weekend. Can you believe it, I’m going to be celebrating my 3rd Mothers Day in a few days.

Being a Mom is tough stuff. In my almost-three-years of doing this, not one day has been identical, and every day both Olive and I are learning something new. This year as a mom has been a lot of fun, but also different kind of challenging. More and more I realize that she’s an individual with her own mind and her own preferences, and as a mom I have to learn how to respect and nurture that, while also figuring out that balance with enough rules and discipline, too. That constant juggle to be the fun mom, the cool mom, the disciplinarian mom – or i guess, just being the well-balanced mom has been a doozy for me this year.

But more than anything, being a Mom to Olive has been such a joy. I am thankful everyday that she is in my life, and thankful that she makes me strive to be a better person. It is an honor to be her mama.

Happy Mothers Day to all my mom readers out there – I wish you a day of sleeping in, fun outings, and that you are showered with love. Or just showered with more shower time. (Because there is nothing like a nice, long, uninterrupted shower, too.) And to all my mama friends (who have now, just become great girlfriends): Thank you for your companionship, your wisdom, and your camaraderie. This journey would be so much harder and lonelier without you.

Happy Mothers Day!




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2 thoughts on “Mothers Day 2015: Some Thoughts

  1. sharissespieces

    You have such a beautiful soul. Thanks for always sharing such down-to-earth, inspiring thoughts. I’ll always cherish that we had our first-time motherhood badges to connect on. <3 <3 Happy Mother's Day, Jody.


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