WANT: Mothers Day Wish List


It’s so weird to me – putting together a gift guide for Mothers Day. Because I mean, I’m a mom – so I can’t get away from the “things that might be useful that other people might like” versus the “THINGS I WANT” situation about it.

So I decided I’m just going to put together a Mother Day Wishlist. More specifically, Jody’s Mothers Day Wishlist. Even more specifically – just things I want. It doesn’t even need to be Mothers Day.

I’m just being honest…..

Backpack: I’ve been a huge advocate of using a backpack versus a diaper bag. And now that Olive is a little older and I need to haul less stuff around with us, I still choose a backpack when I’m out with her. It really really helps my posture and my chronic neck and shoulder aches (because it distributes the weight of said stuff evenly). No, it’s not the sexiest thing you could wear, I give you that. But there are totally some cute ones out there….like this one.

Jennie Kwon Ring: I’ve been wanting this one for a long time now. A long time. But I have such a hard time buying something like this for myself because A. it’s not cheap and B.it’s a thin piece of metal with diamonds and C.I’m petrified i’m going to lose it while washing the dishes. But good lord, isn’t it pretty…..

A Trip to Napa Valley: I have this dream where I can go to Napa and go wine tasting again. And eat at nice restaurants. But also not have to be apart from my daughter. So she will just be the most well behaved, adult like toddler. Possible? Maybe………..

Set of 72 Gelly Roll Pens : Just because I need all the 72 different colors.

Anything you guys want for Mother’s Day (or just…_____ day?)


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