Sheer Madness


I’ve started to lighten up my beauty and wardrobe in anticipation of the even hotter spring days we are getting this season. Sometimes you just want to look like you rolled out of bed looking naturally perfect, with no help at all. But yeah right, who does? (If you do, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.) For the rest of us mere mortals: sshhh, no one has to know – here are a few of my favorite sheer picks, just for you.

01: This nail polish gives your natural nail color a subtle pink boost, without anyone knowing the better. 02: Sheer underthings? Yes please, enough said. 03:  Complexion Rescue by Bare Minerals is a sheer, gel cream which gives your skin a quick boost of moisture and coverage, without your skin looking too caked on. 04: This beautiful sheer glass water bottle is a great way to transport hydration, which keeps skin glowing. 05: Clinique Chubby Stick is a tinted lip balm which kind of makes you look like you have summer, Popsicle stained lips. Mmm.




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