The Weekend & Family Days

FAMILY-DAYHow was your weekend?

We had a really leisurely one (finally!) and were even able to squeeze in a rare date night on Saturday.

We recently started a tradition of “Family Day” here at our home – this is where one day a week, we will do everything together as a family; meals, errands, and fun – the goal is to spend quality time together, focusing on ourselves as a unit. Between Patrick’s work and travel schedule, our many ongoing projects and Olive now being in school, it sometimes seems that even though we’re under the same roof, we’re not really connecting – we’re living side by side. We decided to change that. It does take extra planning during the week to make sure that we can spare that full day without having to study or work, but it’s been worth it – before bed tonight, Olive said to me, “Mama, I had fun on Family Day, I love you!” I love the fact that she recognizes that it’s a special day for us all to be together to bond.

Between Patrick and myself, it also helps us to manage expectations, as well – we know that we’re working towards that goal of keeping Family Day stress and work free, so we’re a little more understanding of what extra stuff we might have to do during the week to accomplish that goal.

Do you guys do something like this too? How do you guys make time for your families? I’d love to hear.

Happy Monday!



4 thoughts on “The Weekend & Family Days

  1. maria

    yes… we’re trying out “Sunday Funday” as family time. I have a four year old and a two year old and I swear the days turn into months! I work from home so we spend so much time together but lately I think it’s more a case of quantity rather than quality – we’re working on making Sunday’s slower and more connected. By the way – I love Olives wee shorts, do you remember where they came from?

    1. Support

      Hi Maria!! I totally understand what you mean, I also work from home and so does the husband when he’s not traveling, so I completely understand! You’re absolutely right, it’s about quality rather than quantity! Olives shorts were bought by my mom in Asia, and unfortunately doesn’t have a brand that I can see! I’ll ask my mom!

  2. sharissespieces

    Oh my gosh! What Olive said brought me to tears!!! She is such a sweetheart. Family Day is a FABULOUS idea. We sorta make the weekends family-ish since we’re working all week long and the boys are in daycare. I can’t wait for just even a few more months/years when they are old enough to appreciate and enjoy family day even more!

    1. Support

      I know, when she said those words to me my heart was so full! It gets so awesome as they are just a little bit older and are able to express their excitement and love of the family unit!


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