29 Month Old Obsessions


Ok, let me start off this post by saying that I really do not count Olive’s age in months anymore. After 2 years old, it kind of becomes…..really….difficult to keep track! I actually had to do some calendar math before putting this post together!

On that note, here are the toys that Olive has been obsessed with at 29 months of age: Olive’s attention span has vastly improved over the last few months, and she can sit there and work on a toy for 30 minutes to an hour. I’m going to chalk this development up to age, versus her starting school, since we’ve only been doing that for a couple of weeks (more on that later!). Olive is getting really interested in building things and putting things together, and these are her current favorites:

Disney’s Enchanted Cupcake Party Set – Olive will play with this thing 4 times a day! And each time, she sits down with it and doesn’t move for a while. The set of 10 cupcakes come apart and you can build them to the “princess specifications” which are printed on a card, or she can use her imagination to create her own. She’s more into building them as the card says, referring to them as a guide as she goes along. If only she always took instruction so well, hah! Maybe I have to be a princess.

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This Jar of Beads is a new thing – but for a few months, Olive has really liked to “wear her creations”, and these are mostly construction paper crowns or hats. This takes it a little farther, this is a bead necklace making kit, but I need to help her string the beads together since the string and holes are so tiny. Even I have trouble…but that might be old age.

This puzzle set was given to Olive on her 2nd birthday, but she only has now started to develop the patience and attention span to sit down and do them. How accurate is she in putting them together? Pretty accurate, actually – especially since there isn’t a “guide board” with the main picture for her to match at the bottom. After we’ve finished constructing the picture, I always ask her to describe what’s going on in the picture – it’s a great way to develop additional language skills, as well.




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