On Appreciation and Marriage


Over the weekend I had a chat with my girlfriends about how having kids has affected their marriages. No surprise there, we all had the similar things to say: there is no time for each other, there is no energy for each other. And one underlying commonality that we all had was that sometimes, we feel under appreciated at home.

I know I feel it too – as a person with a Type-A personality, I (unfortunately) really thrive off accolades; and unlike being in school or working in an office,  you rarely ever get a report card for doing a great job as a mom or wife. So I understand when women tell me that they sometimes feel….invisible. And then the resentment starts: why doesn’t my partner say thank you? Does he not see that I work hard to keep a home and raise a child?

Here is the thing though – I’m not sure how often I’ve actually come out and said that I appreciate my husband for what he does for our family, either. For as much as I might gripe that I feel unseen, I have to admit that I don’t always acknowledge the work he does for us, either. I am asking to be told that I am appreciated, and yet, I haven’t made efforts to do the same for him.

Doesn’t seem fair, now, does it?

So lets try this – lets be nicer to each other, and to tell each other why we love each other more often. After all, aren’t we both on the same team, here?

Hope you’re having a great day, everyone.

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2 thoughts on “On Appreciation and Marriage

  1. Tiffani

    I love it, this is so applicable with or without kids! Your post really brought to mind a letter a husband (Steven Nelms) wrote to his wife recently explaining why he couldn’t afford her. Have you seen it? You need to read it, it’s a reality check on how much Stay At Home Moms are worth :)


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