The 100 Day Project & Photoshop Brush Download


A few weeks ago, I came across The 100 Day Project by The Great Discontent – it was a movement for creatives to commit to 100 days of creation. It wasn’t about a finished product, it was more about the goal, the process of trying to improve on something within yourself, or for us moms, committing to spending a little time outside of the family, the baby, and the workday to just focus on yourself and what you desire.

Because I’ve been super into lettering and calligraphy, I committed myself to 100 days of lettering. I’m not going to lie – it’s been challenging to want to sit down to do this, everyday (and it’s only day 5 today, you guys. DAY 5, there are 95 more to go). Between the home renovation, the preschool transition and actual project workload, it’s been hard. But on the bright side, it’s really pushed me to figure out (more) time management, and different ways of exploring different sides of my lettering.

LIKE THIS – you guys, I just made my very first downloadable photoshop brush! The brush is of my handlettering “hello” (see image above!) – and you can download it right here to try. You can just double click on the file when it’s done downloading and it should install right into your photoshop (for Mac users).To find the brush in photoshop, load your brushes and it should be right there as the last brush. You can use it for your own blogposts or posters…or…you know, the sky is the limit!

So – what do you think? Do you think you’re going to try and commit yourself to 100 days of “yourself”? Maybe it’s time to pick up that hobby you put aside. If you’re not into creative things, how about 100 days of self improvement, like meditation, or being more patient (really, these are things I need to do, too…)



Let me know if you’ve decided to participate in this 100 Day challenge – and if you do, start today, and tag me on Instagram so I can root you on. To follow my progress, check my Instagram account…I hope to be able to keep this up!

And if you use the Hello Photoshop brush (which I hope you will!), I hope you love it and please share some images with me, too! It’ll make me so happy!

Illustration by Elle Luna from The Crossroads of Should and Must; learn more

Happy Friday, You guys.





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