Little Playful Patterns



When I first moved to California, I was totally color adverse – my wardrobe consisted only of neutrals. Honestly, I probably looked like a really boring, too serious teenager. Fast forward a decade and a half and I now crave color – it lifts my mood and I honestly think it makes my face look a little brighter, too.

Check out these loud, playful patterns just for your little one – it’s springtime, after all!

One | Two | Three | Four | Five



3 thoughts on “Little Playful Patterns

  1. maria

    hi Jody… I LOVE your blog, your style is beautiful. Just wondering if you could tell me what size Joah Love heart tee Olive is wearing? I like the slightly baggy fit on Olive and am about to order one, but they look quite tight fitting in the pics on the Joah Love website. thanks so much ;)

    1. Jody Post author

      Hi Maria! Thank you for the kind words about the blog! Love having you as a reader!

      Olive is wearing a size 2! She’s 2 years old and in the 40th percentile ish in weight and height so maybe that’s why it’s a little baggy, haha!

      Hope that helps! Don’t forget to use the My Baby Olive Juice discount! xx


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