Introducing My Baby Olive Juice SHOP



So today, I launch My Baby Olive Juice Shop.

See that new link in the Menu Bar up there? (Look up, guys) It’s right there!

It’s not a huge shop by any means, instead, it’s a small curated collection of things I’ve been working on for the past few months that I’ve personally grown to love. And I wanted to share these little things with you, too.

Jody Che "Good Morning" mug shoot Jody Che "Good Morning" mug shoot

Besides the Good Morning Mug, i’ve put up a few hand painted pieces that I hope you’ll love, too. I am also expecting a few new things to hit the shop over the next couple of weeks, so stay tuned to check them out. I’m particularly excited about some motivational calligraphy tattoos are currently in production as we speak!

To celebrate the launch of the shop, I’m offering 10% off your purchase until Midnight on Friday, March 20th. Just enter NICETOMEETYOU10 at checkout, and you’ve got it!

You guys, thanks for supporting this blog, this shop, and my hobbies. And to other women (especially mamas) out there, who have a little nagging itch at the back of their minds saying “hey, you, go pursue this a little farther…let’s see where it’ll take you!” Do it. Because just like you’re here rooting for me, I’m rooting for you, too.



Photo Credit: Mishina Photo

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