The Top 3 Essential Toddler Tools

Top-Three-Toddler-ToolsIf I was going to be really honest, I probably should have titled this post “Things my Husband Thought Would Be A Complete Waste Of Money But I Proved Him Wrong”. HA HAH! I was RIGHT! Just Kidding, this isn’t the point of the post.

These are my All Time Favorite toddler tools, you guys. These things have made my life way, way better and slightly easier…. and we all know that parents can use all the help that they can get.

The Little Partners Learning Tower is something that I got Olive when she was about a year and a half, and we’ve had it now for a long time. It’s a heavy duty kitchen “step stool” which puts her at counter height so she can check out what I’m doing. She honestly relishes “helping” me in the kitchen (it’s not really help, it’s actually making things slower – but you know, as long as she’s learning and happy, amirite?) and being able to observe everything keeps her attention for ages. And since it’s adjustable in height it’s been able to grow along with her. It’s a rather large piece of equipment and it’s not too cheap, but this thing is well made, and has been used every single day since it’s purchase.

When Olive hit about 26 months, she hit this insane sleep regression where she just refused to go to bed. She was exhausted, but her stubborn little spirit just refused to close her eyes, and she would spend HOURS crying in bed, for me to hang out with her. Apparently, this sleep regression is very common around this age, and I just had to be firm and “ride it out” – but no sleep for Olive meant less sleep for me, which made me a horrible person. My friend Natalie recommended this Toddler Clock which we would place in Olive’s room and set to “red” at bedtime, and let her know that we were going to see her only when the light turns green (for go!) in the morning. It worked like a charm. Within a night she was back to her regular sleeping habits, and in the morning we don’t get complaining or crying, we just get a “good morning mama! It’s green! It’s time to PLAAAYYYY!”

If you guys remember, this past cold season was really hard for us – Olive got sick 4 times back to back with a stomach flu and 3 colds. It was awful. After the third time at Urgent Care, one of her Aunties decided to get her some echinacea drops to put in her milk to boost her immune system – and maybe it’s luck, or maybe this stuff works – but she’s been healthy ever since. No Jinx.

Do you have any toddler can’t-live-withouts that I’m totally missing out on? Please share, I’d love to know!




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