Time, Moving Forward & Letting Go



Just last week, we were notified that a space has finally become available in a school that Olive has been waitlisted on for more than a year.

This is the 2nd time this has happened, by the way – the first time I turned them down immediately, because I still felt she was a little too young. But Olive is now almost 2 and a half – she’s social, and craves that connection with people her age. She’s totally school ready now…what a difference 6 months makes.

In private, I’ve often expressed that I’m totally ready for her to go to school: my hobby-turned-business has been getting busier, and to be honest, there are some days when I think Olive thinks I’m just flat out boring, I’m just not entertaining enough anymore. So you know, I’ve totally said that I’m prepared for this next step. But as I was perusing the STACKS AND STACKS of documents that the preschool sent me (welcome documents, school policies, procedures, packed lunch rules omg wtf) I just broke down crying. Why am I so worried?

Being a Stay At Home Mom and caring for Olive full time has really been the core of my identity for the past 2 years. While I had such a hard time adjusting to it in the beginning, it’s currently what I know. I am Olive’s mom, best friend, and protector 24/7. I worry that she’ll be scared that I’ve left her alone, I worry that she’ll get bullied or hurt. I worry, and I worry a lot.

But i also recognize that there is so much that Olive can learn by being apart from me, so much she needs to learn from her peers. And on a selfish note, I am ready to finally do me. I’ve put my own needs and aspirations on hold for a little while to make sure she had a great start….I’m ready to get back to nourishing myself, too.

So to the parents out there who have any advice on how to transition a first time mom (not a toddler!) into preschool…I’ll be taking all suggestions seriously.

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