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Hey Hey, it’s February!

That was quick, wasn’t it? I am so glad January is over – it has been a hellish month for us – between our trip back from Asia, and beating jetlag, then Olive being sick with two colds back to back…..I am so happy to give January the boot.

February!!!! Hello!!

Which also means that in less than two weeks, it’s Valentines Day. Did I ever tell you that my husband hates this holiday? Last year, he actually sent me a gigantic bouquet of flowers the day after Valentines Day, just to make a statement. It’s okay, I still loved them anyway!

But since I’m still a sucker for this day-for-fools, I’ve made you two free downloadable desktop wallpapers because I’m in a smoochy mood this month. Well, today. We’ll see what happens the rest of the month.

HeyBooLoveYouWallpaperTeaser2 HeyBooLoveYouWallpaperTeaser1

I think it’ll look pretty good, what do you think?

Hey-Boo-Love-You-Pink-Background HeyBooLoveYouWatercolor

As usual, if you want to download them, click on these links below:

Hey Boo Love You: Watercolor

Hey Boo Love You: Pink Background

Have fun, people!




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