How To Create an Kid Friendly Emergency Bag


A couple of weeks ago, I wrote this article for Big City Moms, and thought that it would be important to share it here, too.

This is something that we’ve probably all thought about, but if you’re like me, you keep putting it off because there are a million other things to do right now. We’re not exactly thinking about impending natural disasters every day!

I don’t blame you, mama, we’re so busy.

But Emergency Preparedness is important, and it’s vital that you think about what you might need in the off chance that something bad does happen. Together with my husband, we’ve prepared a “Go-Bag” – a bag containing the essentials that we can just grab and run out the door, and without a second thought.

Olive just turned two, so this bag is what we currently need. These links are shop-able at the bottom of the post, in case you want to quick shop your own:

01: First Aid Kit – I bought this already assembled at the store, and it comes complete with medicine, ointments and bandages.

02: Stormproof / Strike Anywhere Matches – In case you need to light a fire, in a hurry

03: Flashlight – Because it’s easier to find things while you’re not groping around in the dark.

04: One set of Spare Clothes for Everyone – Take into account the weather where you live!

05: Emergency Thermal Blanket – These super lightweight and space saving blankets will keep you warm in a pinch.

06: Spare Batteries – For the devices you might bring (such as your flashlight)

07: Copies Of Important Documents – We made photocopies of our drivers licenses and passports and put them in the bag.

08: Whistle – For attracting attention/help.

09: Diapers and Wipes – If your child is still in diapers, this is something you might not want to forget!

10: Cash

11: Small Tools – Just in case!

12: Canned Food/Energy Food – I know that SPAM and granola bars aren’t the healthiest or most appetizing, but in an emergency, they give you much needed energy and last a long time. If your child is an infant, pack some infant formula!

13: Water Purification System – These small drops or tablets take up so little space in the bag, and yet will create drinkable water for you, in case there is none.

When you’ve assembled your Go Bag, make sure the people in your home know where they can find it, and be sure to go back to it every few months as your child grows, and as their needs change. And when you have a moment, sit down with your family to go over what you might do in case of an emergency – who makes sure the kids are alright? And what should you do if you get separated? It might be a lot to discuss at the moment, but it’s better than not having a plan when disaster does strike.

Are there other things you would include in your Go Bag?

Shop them here (First Aid Kit, Stormproof Matches, Emergency Thermal Blanket, Whistle, Small Tool Kit and Water Purification Tablets) :


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