Weekend Warriors

Weekend-WarriorsHow was your weekend?

We’ve been kind of taken down over here by the flu/cold. I swear, I don’t really know what it is. My pediatrician says that Olive is too chipper for it to be a flu – but man, the high fever and rivers of mucous really tell me another story. And true to form, both Mommy and Daddy are on the cusp of getting sick.

People tell me often that as your kid gets older, they just get sick more often. Between making more friends, and starting school, and sucking thumbs (sigh, I really need to break her of that habit, help), once you get over one illness, you’re probably just going to catch something else. That sounds fun, right?

I hope you guys are staying healthy this flu season – and if I see you around and I don’t say hi…it’s because I want to keep you guys from my germy germs.

Any tips for helping toddlers get over the cold quickly? I’m all ears.



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