Hello 2015!


Holy cow, the holidays are officially over. We’re currently still on vacation mode over here (and trying to beat some insane, insane jetlag), but I wanted to share some pictures with you before we’re back to regularly scheduled blogging. We’ve had a lot of fun (and some bumps in the road – Olive is currently recovering from some crazy, viral stomach flu she caught a few days ago…) and I can’t wait to tell you more soon – specifically on how we survived the 19 HOUR flight with our toddler!

Here are some highlights so far….

We managed to not break down during our 19 hour journey…where Olive only slept for FOUR of those 19 hours…EACH WAY. I know. I wanted to cry.


We caught up with my brother, John, and my father – both of whom had not seen Olive in about 1.5 years.SINGAPORE4

We were spoiled with an abundance of awesome food this trip…. SINGAPORE-1

And ushered in the New Year at my mom’s house with family and friends. We also had a little Sing-Off, and as you can tell, Patrick had quite enough…..SINGAPORE5


Back with more, soon – but in the meantime, I hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!


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