Creating A Beautiful Workspace


As a blogger, I get the luxury of working from home, which is both a blessing and a curse. In the beginning, I found that I was easily distracted by other things around me because I didn’t have a comfortable, designated workspace.

Creating my own workspace in my home is really important for me to be able to focus. I prefer my space to be clutter free – I feel like a clear desk is a clear mind! Put your papers and odds & ends away in containers and paper organizers. This doesn’t mean that I like it to be too stark though – if you know anything about me by now, is that I’m enamored with the pretty. Decorate sparingly and with purpose, using things like patterned mousepads and textured desk accessories. I personally love fresh blooms on my desk!

Even if you don’t work from home – take some time to spruce up your desk at the office. You spend so much of your life there, I promise it’ll brighten up your day ever so slightly to start a day with a beautiful, efficient space.

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One thought on “Creating A Beautiful Workspace

  1. sharissepieces

    Yes! This is great timing and I love the accessories/organizers you shared! I’ve been overly stressed with my own work spaces at home (or lack thereof) for blogging and also handling bills, paperwork, etc. Just took the first step though… bought a desk at IKEA! Next step… a CHAIR! =P


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