Oh my word, we’re two.

This past weekend we had a little Fiesta themed birthday party for Olive’s 2nd birthday. We invited lots of family and a few of our close friends; rented a bouncy castle, a taco truck, and partied the day away.

We had a blast. Most importantly though, Olive had a blast. While her first birthday party was mostly symbolic for me, (I mean, surviving the first year of motherhood deserves to be celebrated, people!) this year she truly understood that this event was just for her. She knew everyone we invited, and was excited to see each and every one of them. And when we sang happy birthday? Oh man, She was so happy, and was singing right along with us.

Thinking back on this 2nd year of motherhood, I can say that I am definitely more comfortable with parenting and its many, many challenges. I am more aware that each bad ‘phase’ has an end, which allows me to not get overwhelmed with stress because we had a bad week. With that said, though, I’ve noticed that each bad phase needs to be met with patience and a plan, because this is the age where they can really fall into some bad habits if you let them. This past year has also been a lot more fun for me – now that she’s having full blown conversations with us, (in 10 word sentences, sometimes!) it’s been so awesome to see how her little mind works.

I am so grateful to be her mama, and I’m so grateful for her health and her amazing personality.

Wow. She’s two.


Happy Thanksgiving, everyone – and thank you for being witnesses to my journey through motherhood. I appreciate it more than you know. I’ll be back next week!

(Photo Credit: My almost-sister-in-law, Lisa!)



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  1. Jody Post author

    It was actually really awesome to be able to do that, haha! I will post some birthday pictures soon at a later date!!


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