The Terrible Almost – Twos


Hey, so remember this post I wrote just recently, about how motherhood was going so well, Olive was being awesome, life was peachy, on and on?

Well I probably just jinxed myself right there, because as of today, we’re less than a month out from her 2nd birthday, and Olive has jumped headfirst into the tantrums of the famous Terrible Twos.

It’s not all bad, don’t get me wrong – but certain things have recently gotten a lot tougher to do; specifically transitioning Olive between activities. Which is something we do several times a day, right? I mean, not eating dinner¬†because I fear a meltdown really isn’t a choice in this household.

I’m really trying to prepare myself for this next phase of being a Mom – having to stick to my discipline guns both at home at in public. Building a good foundation for good behavior means consistency, and I worry that if she causes enough drama (especially in public), I’ll be too embarrassed to correct her.

Veteran Moms – any tips to get me through the Terrible Twos? Any insight about what exactly makes this year so terrible? I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you’re having a good week so far,



6 thoughts on “The Terrible Almost – Twos

    1. Jody Post author

      JEN I AM NOT READY! I used to be a terrible, single, childless judgey person so yeah, I’m terrified of meeting past-me! haha!

  1. Kaye

    So obviously I’m not there yet, but I picked up Permission to Parent (don’t remember the author’s name) when Masao was a couple months old. Only got through half the book – what mom has time to read, right? – and I found that it hasd some interesting points about disciplining. Good luck in the next phase! You’ll do great!

  2. everydaywithcharlieblog

    I AM SO HERE RIGHT NOW! right on the dot, Jayden a month before turning two has had these unbelievable tantrums. I get that she is in SUPER transition right now – our whole family is. Is this a transitional “I hate the world” thing or is it a terrible two’s thing? Idk. I just stare blankly, baffled and almost in awe of her incredible spectacle of a tantrum. I have no flippin’ clue what to do. What do you do?

    And I am almost always in public nowadays when she has them. What do I dooooooooo?!??!

    1. Jody Post author

      Hey!! How was the move? How is the family coping, and what is living abroad like?
      I think you’ve got to give it time, specifically because you’ve just been through a huge change! In terms of tantrums though, I started using 1-2-3 Magic (it’s a book/DVD) – and started implementing Time Outs shortly after I wrote this post; and I also do time outs in public when it’s warranted. It’s hard dude, but you get used to it! Good Luck!


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