Happy Halloween!



Happy Halloween you guys!

Do you have any special Halloween plans with the kids?

I’ll have to be honest – Olive really isn’t into dressing up just yet. But that doesn’t I’m not into it (I am, I really, really am.)

This year, she’s lucky enough to have two costumes. Her grandmother bought her a little german girl outfit that she loves! But I’m totally more excited about this…….




That is the actual photo of a costume that my friend Melissa made for Olive. Yes, she’s pregnant with twins. Yes, she’s already a mother of a toddler boy. And yes, she works. But she still had the time to whip up this amazing number for Olive. Totally floored.

And check it out……Olive. Loves. It.


What are you dressing your kids up as this year? Or are you dressing up too? (I’m not, nope, too lazy.)

Have a safe Halloween!




One thought on “Happy Halloween!

  1. sharissepieces

    Last minute costume buy at the party store: Sock monkey twins! It’s not even that I’m lazy, I’m just not into Halloween! I really wanted to coordinate matching family outfits, but then didn’t have the urge to. Guess I’m lazy then!


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