The Battle With Food

So remember how my food posts back in the day were all about my battle with Olive and solid food?

Oh, you don’t? It’s here, here, hereherehere.

Well, I just wanted to give you a little food update. Olive is now 22 months old, and she’s become a champ at eating. She’s handling the fork and spoon pretty well, and she has a great appetite. Yes, we still have difficult days where food goes flying, but I’d say that 99% of the time, she eats without complaints. We all eat the same food now too, which is great since I can cook ONE MEAL for the whole family, and not 2891846 other tiny things to please a picky eater.

The road was long, and it wasn’t easy, but we’ve hit a nice cruising speed of “good eater” right now.

For Moms who are currently embroiled in a food battle, I want to say that this too, shall pass. Here are a couple of things that helped me tremendously:

1. Staying Positive: This means that even if your baby is driving you absolutely livid, don’t yell at her or scold her for not eating. Make mealtime a pleasant experience, and not something both of you dread. If you need to, take a break – step back and breathe. Then try again, or call it a day. Making mealtime a tense place isn’t what you want; do not give your kid a negative association with food. Keep it light, keep it happy.

2. Family Mealtimes: I think eating together as a family everyday has helped Olive master using her utensils quickly. Yes, this means that I eat lunch everyday at 1130am, and that dinner for my family is at 6pm. There are a couple of benefits here: One, this is a time where we gather as a family without distractions and connect with each other. Two, Olive watches how we eat – and how we use our own utensils, and tries to emulate. And Mom, if your kid is trying to learn how to use utensils, it’s going to be a messy time for a while. Just let it go. They are trying to pick up a new skill. Embrace the mess! It pays off.

3. A Supportive Group of Mamas: When I was having “food anxiety” or “food issues” with Olive, I happened to find this amazing group of Mamas on Facebook called Feeding The Littles. This group helps moms with questions about baby and toddler food, shares family friendly recipes, placates worries and celebrates food successes. This group has been so valuable to my sanity, and I couldn’t have gotten here without them.

Here is a quick video of Olive eating at Ikea just last week. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come.

Have a beautiful Monday, everyone.



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