Olive is Currently Totally Obsessed With…



We’re in month 22 – wow, Olive is almost two years old! Here is what she’s totally into this month:

01: Elmo’s First Babysitter : I found this book in the $1 section at our local Target. I mean, what a steal, right? Olive really likes Elmo (I’m not really sure why, we don’t even watch Sesame Street) and makes me read this book over and over again. In the Elmo voice. I’m getting really good at doing the Elmo voice, you guys. I’m pretty impressed with myself.

02: Camelbak Kid’s Bottle : Ever since Olive started to drink out of sippys, I have been on the hunt for a bottle that is easy to drink from and doesn’t leak. I have had so many things in my purse completely ruined because these “no-leak” bottles are lying to me. This Camelbak bottle hasn’t let me down yet, and Olive seems to drink a lot more water from this than any other sippy we’ve used. It is designed to have you bite down on the straw to get it to open before drinking, and she mastered it in no time at all.

03: Duktig Play Kitchen, Ikea :
I’ve mentioned that Olive was really into fake food a few months back, but this month, Olive has taken a newfound interest in the concept of cooking. I think it’s probably because she watches me cook all the time – and loves to help me wash vegetables for dinner. Well, she’s starting to cook for her toys too: turning the stove on and off to heat fake food up. So cute.

04: Tempera Paints :
I was always kind of reluctant to give Olive paints because of the mess that would ensue. But you know what – I needed to get over that – kids need an outlet to be creative, and I’m not going to let a (little) mess get in her way. We got a few paintbrushes and foam stampers too, and she’s been asking to paint every day. We use washable tempera paints because they are non toxic, and let’s face it, I want the paint to wash out eventually.

05: Mailing Letters :
I have a thing about sending out thank you cards, and I’ve always asked Olive to help me put the stamps on the envelopes, and pop them into our mailbox. She has since taken to drawing on her own cards, stuffing them into envelopes, using stickers as stamps and asking me to take her to the mailbox. We do this at least once a day. My mailman must be pretty confused.



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