The Most Important Work


I’ve been pretty busy this past month – the husband was out of town for almost 3 weeks, and amazing new projects have been crossing my path. This means that the amount of work I’ve been having to manage has been piling on – and in addition to being a full time SAHM to Olive, well, needless to say, it has been both an exhausting yet exciting time.

I really try to take care of all the stuff that needs attention while Olive is sleeping – but sometimes an email will need an urgent response, or phone calls will come in while we’re in the middle of playtime. And I take them. Usually, Olive doesn’t really care and she plays well on her own, but last week she looked at me and started to cry. She sobbed, “Mama, no phone! No more phone!”

Guilt Trip to Shame City.

Do I really use the phone that much in her presence?

In this age where technology gives you everything at your finger tips, we often take full advantage of that by being glued to our devices. It makes getting work done more efficient; it makes multitasking ever possible. But I have to admit that sometimes I’m not giving Olive the attention I know she deserves, because I’m ‘doing other things’ on my device. I’m not fully present to experience things with my daughter.

I need to keep that in check.

So…just a little reminder to myself – and to those others who need it:

“Children are not a distraction from more important work. They are the most important work.”

– CS Lewis


One thought on “The Most Important Work

  1. sharissepieces

    Thanks for the reminder. GREAT message. I am way too guilty of being on my phone. When I unintentionally leave my phone at home before heading to work, I find myself more at peace!!! Go figure.


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