Motherhood Lately…


If you scroll through the blog posts from the days of my early-motherhood, you might get the distinct feeling that I was fraying at the seams.

And you know, you aren’t entirely wrong about that.

For a long time, I thought motherhood was really, really tough. Perhaps I just wasn’t used to the idea of it – and let’s be honest, caring for a wee baby is one of the most tiring things you can do, and it is relatively thankless for a long time. And all that pumping, bottle washing, puree making nonsense was just really tedious, too. Going from only taking care of yourself, to being fully responsible for another human was too much for me to handle, and there were times that my husband worried I would never go back to being the happy, bubbly person that I once was.

And there were times I thought he might be right.

I’m not sure when things started to turn a corner, but I recently realized that I don’t gripe about the things I used to before. Motherhood has gotten…smoother, easier. Yes, there still are really tough parts every now and then, but overall, it’s kind of awesome. She is so interested in everything and is so keen to learn, and she really is super fun to be around. Olive walks really well now, but she also doesn’t mind the stroller when she needs to be in it. She can also feed herself for the most part, and she eats what we eat, so I don’t need to cook a separate meal for her. She also thinks that helping me with the laundry and cooking is fun. She’s not much of a real help, really – but it allows me to get chores done while she’s awake.

And here is the kicker – last night as we were sitting down for dinner, she turns to me and says, “Mama, Thank you, cooking.” (Mama, thank you for cooking).

Yup, totally started bawling.

So to the moms out there who have tiny babies, and are feeling like this motherhood thing really sucks right now – it gets better. It gets so much fun, and so much better.

And until then…..there is always wine. (Just kidding! Not really.)

And for moms with older babies – was 22 months great for you, as well? I hear as we approach the 2s, it gets harder…and the 3s are even worse!

Hang in there everyone, you can do it!


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