On Discipline

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I’ve been thinking a lot about discipline lately –  this has been somewhat of a new issue that we haven’t really had to deal with before. Olive is now almost 2 years old and recently, she’s been testing her boundaries with us. She knows when she’s not supposed to do certain things, but will do them anyway (slo-o-o-o-wwlly, to see if we’re watching), to test if she can get away with it.

So far, we’ve just been using the “stoop-down-to-her-level-and-speak-sternly” method, which doesn’t always work. I’m thinking it’s time to step it up a notch…but I’m unsure about which methods to try out. Okay, lets be honest. I’m also really lazy and cannot bring myself to read a 200 page book on discipline.

As I progress farther into this Mothering thing I’m realizing that all the early stuff – the caretaking – was tedious and tiring, but it is much simpler than what I’m experiencing now – Active Parenting. It takes consistent engagement, thinking 12 steps ahead of my child, and putting into place systems and foundations for her to become a good human being.

Any input here, moms? How do you set boundaries with your toddler? How do you enforce them? And for moms with younger babies…just enjoy your bundles of snuggles now… you know, before they learn how to say no.

Hope you’re having a great day.


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