Vince Kids


Over the weekend I discovered something amazing.

Something magical.

Something that is going to make me super poor.

Vince recently launched a Kids line, and it is everything. Vince is one of my all time favorite brands, and if there was ever a line I would relish being matchy-matchy in with Olive…well, Vince would be high on that list.

I had the opportunity to see their collection in person today, and it took my breath away. Even husband was like, ok – I get it – I can see why you want to dress Olive in that. Olive, however, wasn’t too impressed, but honestly it’s because she’s 21 months old and she was more into her cracker than the fashion.

The clothes are all too big for Olive right now (it’s for kids aged 4-14) so right now I’m just browsing…..but hey, she’ll grow into them, right? Right?

A few of my favorite looks, above. Check out more of their Kids line here.


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