Favorite Pins This Week


I have been trying to update my photo wall in our home. My tastes have changed ever so slightly since we first moved in, and I really wanted to have the new layout reflect that. I bought these new, brass frames from Crate and Barrel and got rid of our old black ones. We put them up last week, and the room already feels….lighter.

Now all we need to do is decide which pictures we want to put in them.

Here is the problem, though – Olive is growing as such a rapid speed, that every time I put a picture up there, it ends up being so out of date, so soon. But maybe that’s what I’m doing wrong – I shouldn’t be trying to change pictures as soon as they’re old, but rather, I should be cherishing the memories and relishing Olive as a little baby, instead.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

PS – Putting up frames in a grid sequence can be a real pain in the butt. Not only is it time consuming to put up, but every little house movement makes the pictures shift. This, people, is my secret weapon. You are welcome.

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