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Are you sending your little one to preschool soon?

I have been playing with that idea for a long time now, and like a true Tiger Mom, had Olive placed on a few waiting lists in the neighborhood a while back. Olive has always been extra apprehensive around strangers (young and old, alike) so I do really feel that some additional socialization will be great for her. And if I have to be honest – on days when she’s extremely fussy and throwing tantrums…I cannot wait until she starts school ASAP. However I was informed that we would have to wait for quite a while before we get accepted – spaces rarely open up, so we should expect to be notified after Olive turns two.

Last week, I unexpectedly received a phone call from one of the schools……a space was available, and if we wanted, Olive would be able to start as soon as September! So imagine my surprise (and Patrick’s) when I almost immediately turned them down. I spent all this time wondering if Olive was ready for school, but neglected to pay any attention to whether I was ready to let her go. As it turns out, I’m not. I’m not ready to let her out of my embrace just yet.

So, to moms who have been there – when did you send your little ones to their first day of school? How was it, and how did you know that they (or you!) were ready? And to the moms who have this coming up…. when are you thinking of sending your kids off?

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Have a beautiful Monday.

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8 thoughts on “Preschool Readiness

  1. Margaret Lee

    Hey Jody! For us, we didn’t have a choice because I work. She started at Lake Ave Church preschool (with an all day program) at 20 months and she’s now 2.5. I just dropped her off after a 3 week break and it felt like the first day all over again. I know every kid is different but she is totally thriving there. I actually think she prefers being there than at home because she enjoys all the activities and her friends. I’m not the type of mom that enjoys doing all these little creative projects and so it’s a win-win. But I think the best part about preschool is that kids get a different form of discipline and are better with boundaries. Of course, I’d prefer that she not be in a full-day program, but she seems happy enough when I pick her up.

    1. Jody Post author

      Hey Margaret!
      Thanks for your insight! You know, I really try to be the creative project kind of mom too but I’m really not great at it – I do feel like Olive will really learn so much from being with her peers as well as – like you said – the other form of discipline. I am terrified of the first few drop offs – Olive is so clingy to me and I just know it’ll be……so sad for the both of us!

  2. Starr

    We had a nanny until O was 18 months because I couldn’t bear the thought of her being apart from me. It gave me such anxiety and although that never really goes away, it gets much, much easier. At some point (16 mos or so) I realized that she was always SO happy whenever she socialized with other kids, and that she really would benefit from going to school. I didn’t want my anxiety to transfer over to her. So, I eased her (and me) into it. We started dropping her off at the gym daycare while we worked out (30 min at first, then 45, etc.). It got her used to being left to play with the kids and eased us into dropping her off. Once you are ready to start prepping for school, maybe you can find a similar situation? Drop her off for an hour – or even take her there for 30 min and stay the whole time? Hope this helps!! It’s not an easy decision at all!

    1. Jody Post author

      I think the thing that is hard for me (ok, ONE of the many things, haha!) is that Olive is apprehensive around other kids that she doesn’t know well. She takes forever to warm up. That being said, once she does, she really falls in love and has a blast. How did dropping her off at daycare while working out work for her? Did she take to it well? I think I will need to start easing her into it as well! Thanks for the tip!!!

      1. Starr

        Yes, she did at first but then regressed a few days later for a few the grand scheme of things it was way better than I anticipated. That’s why I recommend you stay with her at first (even if it’s just 30 min) and observe her from a distance, slowly standing further away. Once you have her set up playing with kids, you can try saying “mommy’s just going to get another toy for you” and go to the other side of the room to grab something, take your time and observe her reaction. O was great at first (didn’t even bat an eye that we were leaving) but the third or fourth time she started crying hard. For her, seeing us made it worse so we would tell her we’re coming back and just leave. The caregivers there told us that she was totally fine once we left. So, ultimately you may need to experiment a bit to see how Olive reacts and what you’re comfortable doing. I will tell you that the crying was very brief. Since then, she’s switched through 3 daycares b/c of our moves and only cried two more times at drop-off (driven more by everything being upside down when we came back from our recent vacation). I’d say that’s pretty good!

  3. Jen Duerksen

    Ella started “school” at 7 months. She was so young she really had no clue, but we changed daycares at 18 months and wow, it was ROUGH. Probably about 4-5 months of dramatic and tearful dropoffs. But what kept me coming was how HAPPY she was when i picked her up, and seriously how developed she became in her language skills and social skills. Evan started later…we had a nanny until he was 1. He has been going for about 2 months now and some days are tougher than others. But he is talking SO much and really enjoys himself there. There are so many benefits, but oh how I wish I could have been at home to spend that quality time with them too!! Good luck!

    1. Jody Post author

      Jen I am petrified of drop offs. And ohmygoodness, FOUR TO FIVE MONTHS???? I’m not sure my heart could handle it! Was she just crying non stop? I feel like Olive won’t stop crying until I come back. I know – I am so lucky to have had her for so long, so I’m kind of dragging my feet on starting her at school…..

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